Lose 20 Pounds in 13 Days - 2 Great Ways to Melt the Fat Away Starting Now

Need to lose 20 pounds in 13 days? Are you fed up with all the hype about losing weight? You no longer have to keep going through the pain of holding on to that stubborn fat. I'm about to list a few things that caused me to shed the fat quickly in 13 days or less.

Pure apple cider vinegar

\"Need Help Losing Weight\"

Yes I said it right. How many people do you know that actually take this this vinegar on a regular basis? Probably not many right? Well the good news is, organic apple cider vinegar is great at speeding up weight loss results.

Lose 20 Pounds in 13 Days - 2 Great Ways to Melt the Fat Away Starting Now

It helps food move through the bowels faster, and what's most important, it releases fat cells from the body to promote fat loss. Mix two tablespoons in a glass of water before each meal.

Are you a water lover?

I know you've heard this one before, but it's true, water is vital for losing weight fast. Many people don't like water too much, and don't drink enough to promote a healthy and fast weight loss.

I never been a big fan of water, but when I started drinking a lot of water daily, I noticed the big change in my metabolism, and how fast my body started to digest the food I was eating. This means less food was left in my body to be stored as fat.

Water also reduces outrageous food cravings if you drink enough every day. Try to drink a glass of water about 10 minutes before each meal. Just make sure the water is not tap water. Distilled or spring water are good choices.

If you want to lose 20 pounds in 13 days, you can do so by following several effective tips, but you have to be willing to walk that extra mile to make it happen.

Lose 20 Pounds in 13 Days - 2 Great Ways to Melt the Fat Away Starting Now

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